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Usaveme is a bridge to connect sponsors with children

January 6, 2022 | 0 Comments

Press release

Usaveme is a bridge to connect sponsors with children in need of protection and welfare across the globe

Usaveme is proud to launch an XRP Token, namely Usaveme Token, with a total supply of 93,000,000 tokens. Usaveme is one of the best platforms to protect children worldwide by providing them food, shelter, healthcare, and education.

United States – Usaveme is a company in the United States playing the role of a bridge for investors worldwide to sponsor a child and donate to a child-focused charity. Usaveme Token is an XRP Token that has a total supply of 93,000,000 tokens. XRP (Ledger) is a deconcentrated public blockchain managed by the global development community. It is fast, trustworthy, and efficient.

People are contributing to the welfare of society by using the most trustworthy road.  Investors are ready to sponsor the lives of children living in all the countries by ensuring that they will live with everything they need for survival. The company guarantees that the whole money from sponsorship goes 100% to protect children or organizations.

Usaveme is an absolute platform for investment and welfare. By purchasing the tokens, investors will be benefiting not only children but also themselves with rewards. The robust platform collaborates with local organizations while also reaching out to crypto exchanges, tokens, and coin developers throughout the world to assist children in need. The company is continuously sharing the roadmap for the investor to think more and invest.

One of the spokespersons, Bertrand Fravien said, “Usaveme will allow local groups/organizations to collect funds for children’s health, nutrition, shelter, and education. “Children who eat poorly are more likely to develop specific long-term health problems and complications, including Osteoporosis, in later life. Cardiovascular diseases. Growing up eating foods high in fat, sugar, and salt can increase the risk for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and atherosclerosis as an adult. Our area of focus will also be helping to protect lives.”

About Usaveme:

Usaveme is a platform with a vision and passion for assisting underprivileged children. Usaveme provides a professional and effective solution to help needy children live better globally. The company believes that an incredible number of warm-hearted people worldwide share our desire to aid children who require only the most necessities.

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