30% goes to sponsor a child when you buy $usaveMe token. Or you can sponsor a child directly, but you help grow when you buy our token.

Usaveme Fund

We committed to building a strong platform for kids around the world to receive much-needed help especially during this Covid-19 era. The purpose is to help kids in states of poverty to get sponsored for food, shelter, healthcare, and education. The fund from Usaveme token is used to develop a strong platform, promote/market, and build a strong community around Kids, and Usaveme.com.




We make no promises, warranties, guarantees, or representations, of any kind, express or implied, as to the content, accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information contained on usaveme.com. No valid claim may be based on the participation or other information contained on usaveme.com. Usaveme.com or its owners expressly disclaims any responsibility or liability for any errors or inaccuracies in any information contained on usaveme.com. There are no legal claims to the participation in this airdrop or the distribution of the token.


You are helping the building and developing of the platform when you promote or buy USAVEME tokens.

Community Participation

2 airdrops:

UsaveMe Token has a max supply of 93,000,000, and 63,000,000 have been issued.

1st airdrop: 5,000,000 tokens:

Anyone that holds 10 $usaveMe tokens will be able to participate in the Usaveme Token airdrop, but we also allowed a 5:1 ratio for those holding more than 150 tokens. For example: holding 500 usaveMe tokens will get you 2500 tokens.

  • 1 Fill out the airdrop form click here
  • 2 Set Trustline
  • 3 Must hold at least 10 tokens
  • – The First 300 to complete the airdrop steps will get an extra 333 tokens
  • – Free NFT to the 300 qualifiers
  • – Snapshot March 15th
  • – Airdrop April 3rd


2nd airdrop: 10,000,000 tokens:

10,000,000 usaveme tokens will be distributed to participants that follow the below steps.

  • – Free
  • – Set trustline
  • – Fill out the airdrop form (airdrop form will be updated once the 1st airdrop snapshot is done)
  • – Follow Twitter & Telegram channel
  • – Snapshot June 1st.

A maximum of 15,000,000 Usaveme tokens will be distributed to holders of usaveMe. Max of 1000 Usaveme tokens per holder. No Farmers will be allowed, and no multiple accounts. Airdrop will only be distributed to a single registered account, the form must be filled out to register and set up the TrusLine.

1st airdrop date:

March 15th

Coming Soon

June 5th

June 5th

April 3rd

Add our trustline even if you are not participating in the airdrops to support the platform.