Meet The Core Team

We are sincere tech developers with a straightforward vision, and very passionate about helping kids in need. We believe that there is an amazing amount of warm-hearted people globally who have the same passion to help kids in need of just the basics.  With this in mind, we begin to gather like-minded people to work together in building a platform to help kids globally with basic needs.

What do we bring to the table?

All of us had an amazing journey coming to where we are today, and we feel very confident that we can provide a professional and effective solution to link a sponsor to a sponsee to receive aid for food, shelter, healthcare, and education. We have extensive skills in the following areas.

  • Developing website
  • Developing app
  • Crafting clean, and accessible HTML
  • Writing functional, useful, and useful code to power a website
  • Creating useful, and innovative web application
  • Running small to medium companies
  • Extensive experiences in SEO & Social Marketing
  • Over 15 years of IA, EPS, ME, AE & and AP experiences
  • Over 14 years of charitable experiences

Bertrand Fravien


Coming soon

CTO, Real Image Coming Soon

Aditya Palmia

Head Of Development

For now, we hire freelancers to do some of the works until we raise enough funds to hire permanently. We also accept volunteers for promotion, marketing, and writing.